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Experimenting with Textiles

I've just done a weaving workshop with Niche Textile Studios, run by Christine Brimer, and it was fantastic! I learnt all about how a table loom works, and we spent some time weaving up a cushion cover. It's a pretty relaxing process once you get the hang of it and it's quite satisfying to be able to create patterns.

It's quite amazing how something relatively simple like a table loom can quickly create intricate and delicate patterns into a piece of fabric. The more I understand the theory behind how the loom works, the more interested I am in playing around with the combinations to create my own patterns. It's like a set of codes I'm trying to crack!

I'm hoping to get my own table loom at some point so that I can play around with the patterns and different yarns a bit more. At the moment I'll be borrowing a smaller loom over the break to test it out. More on my progress later!

I'm also thinking I might take up knitting as a hobby alongside weaving as I think learning both would be mutually beneficial to understanding textiles a bit more. I'm quite enjoying this exploration of textiles as a creative medium, it's not something I've really done before so it's quite refreshing.

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