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Fun with Florals

I've spent a couple of hours playing around with the camera this afternoon. In particular, I've been playing with some of the ceramic pieces I have and the dried flowers and foliage I've got around the house.

I absolutely adore these vases by Rachel Carter. She makes the most beautiful forms and combines them with gorgeous textures - my favourite is the matte grey finish with a little speckle, but all of her works are amazing! I wish I could collect them all. She also makes a range of dinnerware and mugs that I'm planning to add to my collection.

Rachel, along with one of her friends, also curates an online ceramic store, Kaolin, that is a collections of some of the finest pieces of work in New Zealand. I have a couple of the grey mugs by Fiona Mackay and they are awesome as well! I am hoping to go to one of their workshops, I've been dying to have a go and pottery but all the good courses are in Auckland unfortunately.

I also found a little time to make my favourite lemon cake, so I finished the afternoon off with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a slice of freshly baked cake. Perfect.

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