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Mr. Hans J. Wegner

It's not an understatement to say that I love Scandinavian design, but there is no one I love more that Hans J. Wegner. When we went to the Design Museum in Copenhagen, I was practically giddy as I walked through the exhibits featuring the illustrious works of Wegner - in particularly the hallway of chairs.

I first came across his work not at design school (because they don't actually teach you much about design there), but at one of my first real design jobs. I was working on a conceptual design for a dinning chair, and one of the lead designers was a big Wegner fan.

Each new Wegner piece I came across immediately became a favourite. I love the simple yet sympathetic designs he created. His background as a skilled craftsman allowed him to push the limits of the materials he used. Wegner's designs had a certain honesty to them - the materials he used were chosen for their qualities, and the way he used them allowed their natural beauty to be highlighted. I've always felt strongly about this as part of my own design ethos.

I still have trouble deciding which chair is my favourite - Wishbone, Peacock, Elbow - part of the reason why I haven't committed to a dinning room set is because I simply can't pick.

A coffee table is a slightly easier matter, so when I saw that mr mod had a vintage Wegner piece - an Oak coffee table in excellent condition - how could I resist?

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