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Red Rocks and the Milky Way Galaxy

So I've finally been able to use the new lens I got - a Samyang 12mm f/2.0 - to do some astrophotography. It was a beautifully clear night in Wellington, very rare actually, so we drove out to Red Rocks reserve and set up the camera to do some work.

I've been wanting to do a slightly larger panorama for a while so this was a good chance to test it out.

I've managed to merge it together with 15 images and it doens't look too shabby so I'm quite pleased with this effort actually.

I also got quite a nice single shot of the milky way above the coast, I do love this wide angle lens and I have no regrets about purchasing it. Apart from the fact it lacks autofocus, which is a pain in many other situations.

I will however complain about all the cars driving along the coast tend to ruin my shots, but that can't be helped. I'd like to go out to Castle Point sometime as I think that would be a really good place to photograph, considering that dark sky reserve out there. Light pollution sucks.

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