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New Camera!

I sold off my old Nikon D7000 (RIP you were good to me) as it was a little heavy and I was looking for a lighter camera for our upcoming travel. I had researched mirrorless cameras a while ago but that point the technology was still not quite there yet.

Fujifilm have recently released the X-T2 model, which has been getting rave reviews from all across the board, so I checked it out, and to my delight, it's a wonderful camera.

I took a while to decide which lens I wanted to start out with and eventually settled on the Fujifilm XF 35mm F/2 WR lens. This is a superb lens! I primarily used zoom lenses before so it was a little difficult to get used the prime lens, but this lens is so, so nice to use. The construction of the lens is beautiful! Combined with the quick AF on the X-T2, I'm in heaven! I get such wonderful shots form this camera - I used to very rarely shoot portraits, but I find myself really enjoying doing so on this lens!

Here's a little test shot of my majestic looking cat, heh.

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